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At Rotenberg Shidlowski Jesin, our focus is on criminal defence.  Our lawyers are experienced at bail hearings, trials and appeals for every type of Criminal Code offence at all levels of Ontario courts.  Our practice includes the defence of domestic assaults, sexual offences, impaired driving, property offences, homicide, white collar crime, fraud, robberies and theft.  In addition we also represent clients for all types of federal matters including drug offences, income and excise tax evasion and competition offences.

We represent clients accused of offences under the Provincial Offences Act including serious Highway Traffic Act matters, and offences under the Environmental Protection Act.

In addition, our lawyers often assist clients with a broad range of corporate and commercial law matters.  This includes mergers and acquisitions, the buying and selling of businesses, financing, commercial leasing, the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts, and the incorporation, organization and running of both non-profit and business corporations.

We have expertise in areas of commercial and civil litigation law.  However, we remain extremely selective in which cases we accept in this area.

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