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When people ask Robert what kind of criminal law he practices, he likes to say: everything from shoplifting to murder. In his lengthy career as a criminal lawyer he has done just about every type of case. In the last five years, Robert has turned much of his focus to charges which come out of family disputes and problems. Today the majority of his cases come from the vast network of family lawyers, counsellors and of course former clients involved in conflict situations. This includes spouses charged with criminal offences, children faces Youth Court charges, people who have not been charged but, due to a marriage break down are in high risk situations, and people who have charged their spouses who need assistance as they go through the criminal process as witnesses.

Robert has always had a natural feel for criminal law. At Osgoode Hall, where he when to law school, he was the head of the student criminal legal clinic, where he spent most of his time. As a lawyer, he brings a vast array of legal and life experience to every file, calling on his vast network of resources and people he knows. His approach is often very unconventional, working first with the client and their specific needs, then dealing with the problem in ways that work.